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Our Products:

Trading commodities are principally those related to the petroleum industry and range from feedstock, such as crude oil and intermediate or blending stocks to finished products like gasoil, diesel, jet, gasoline and fuel oil, ready for consumer use. Commercial partners are crude oil producers, refineries, trading and retailing companies.Solimar is proud of its worldwide relationship which enables it to move oil almost anywhere around the globe.

A New Generation of Trading

Solimar has an active trading desk handling wide range of petroleum products, with strategic infrastructure of Oil Terminals, Supply Vessels and Supply & Trading team based in various global locations. Solimar has established itself as a dependable International trading company. 


We are proud of our in-house capability to deliver Quality products at competitive costs because of our own Engineering fabrication & Technical overseeing group. The company is constantly expanding its technological base, with recent addition of latest equipments to bring its laboratory to Global Standards. 





Trader of Oil and Energy Products
Solar panels are the lifeline of solar power systems and that will never change. They help determine the electricity output of your system and ensure high output. The better the quality, the more electricity generated and the longer the lifetime. Our team of specialists allow you to buy solar panels wholesale with advice and support to ensure your experience of working with us is of the highest standard.